New Process for Purchasing Parking Permits

The university has a new process for purchasing parking permits. Because ICL members don’t have student ID numbers, we can’t use the same system university students use to purchase tickets. Last year’s solution created a significant delay from the point of ICL member purchase of a parking permit and Parking Services getting the purchase information into the system. As a result, a lot of people got parking tickets. They were voided but it created a hassle for everyone.

With the new system, you purchase ICL Student permits from a “parking permit mall”, managed by Parking Services. Pay with a credit card or electronic check (account and routing numbers required) online. After purchasing the permit online, your permit will be your license plate number and active within 1-2 business days. There are no hang tags to pick up, when Parking Services scans your license plate your permit type will display.

Purchase Parking Permit

Important Stuff!

  • Do NOT attempt to purchase a parking permit from the university Cashiers Office or from the Parking Services site.
  • Student permits are white-marked stalls only, any lot – do NOT park in yellow (Premium Faculty/Staff) and green (Visitor) stalls.
  • Economy Lot permits are those lots only and they should refer to the parking map (attached) for locations.
  • Handicap placards and plates work as university parking permits (in handicapped and all other stalls
  • Visit the Parking Services website for more information: https://parking.utahtech.edu/parking-permits/


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